My husband got me the most simply beautiful gold band as an anniversary gift this year. I love that it matches his. I love the practicality of it not catching on things while juggling the sweet bébé. And most of all, to me, it is the most pure symbol of love and commitment. Well done, Mister. 


In creating this space for my daughter I wanted her to feel calm, inspired, and surrounded by love. Almost every single item has a story.      The butterflies are from my husband's collection passed down from his grandmother, the African dolls he got on safari as a kid, the Thonet side table was an eBay find, the blanket hand-knit by a friend, and the rocker was used to by my great-grandmother to rock my grandfather as a baby. 


The crib is by Oeuf, the changing table from Ikea. 


The mini gallery includes drawings by her paternal grandmother, a photo of her dad as a baby, and gifts from friends. 

The light in the corner provides the perfect soft glow, and the mobile is from Etsy.